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Hi, I'm Caroline (sometimes called Cassie).
I am a songwriter and producer. I still use my old guitar, (which I have had since age 13), and am mostly self-taught, having spent much of my teenage years recording my songs in my bedroom using old tape recorders.

I'm currently recording a new album for release later this year, and have just released remastered versions of my albums, 'Desert World' and 'Planetarium'. Back in 2021 I released an album of previously un-released tracks, entitled: 'Magic Carpet - The D'Arblay Street Demos & Other Songs 1990-2000', available on all digital platforms.

The album contains twenty-two tracks of songs I wrote and recorded between 1990 and 2000 in a small studio at the top of a four-story building in D'Arblay Street, Soho, (next to the iconic 'Blackmarket Records'), plus a few other songs written in that ten-year period which have not been heard until now.

I recently remastered them all, and decided to put them altogether as a release. It sort of honours that time I spent writing and recording these songs - a very personal, often alone and poignant time, but liberating.
(Incidentally, the reason I was able to record these songs was thanks to a chap named Colin Vearncombe. If you were around in the '80s then you might recall his hit song, 'Wonderful Life'. It was in his little Soho studio that I recorded most of these songs).

My first proper CD album release came in 1998 with 'Safe Beneath The Stars', with songs written during that year and then recorded using Roland's then-state-of-the-art VS-880 Workstation, (I still have this!), and Akai MPC-2000 Sampler and Sequencer. I later discovered the Internet, and this album can be found on all major platforms, including YouTube, under the name: Cassie Beevis.

In the early 2000s I wrote and recorded my next album, Desert World, which I have recently remastered and released as 'Desert World (Remastered)'.

My involvement with The South Downs Planetarium led me to writing and recording my instrumental album, 'Planetarium', which has now also been remastered.

The above two albums are now available on all major streaming platforms under the name, 'Caroline Beevis'. Fast-forward several singles-releases later, including two songs featuring children from Four Elms Primary School, (both on YouTube), and I am once again producing a new album for release later in 2023.

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