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Hi, I'm Cassie. My real first name is Caroline, but I think Cassie sounds more singer/songwritery!
I am songwriter and producer, (more organ-grinder than performing monkey), whose music has been described as 'other-worldly' and 'spookily cute'. I like simple structures using my old guitar as much as possible, (which I bought second hand for £20 at age 13 out of my pocket money that I'd saved, and still have, use and love that guitar), and add vocal harmonies. I write, perform, record and produce my own music. I never studied, (apart from the normal school music lessons), and am mostly self-taught, having spent much of my teenage years recording my songs in my bedroom using old tape recorders. I am the original bedroom artist!

I'm currently recording a new album for release later this year, and have just released an album of previously un-released tracks, entitled: 'Magic Carpet - The D'Arblay Street Demos & Other Songs 1990-2000', available on all digital platforms.

The album contains twenty two tracks of songs I wrote and recorded between 1994-1995 in a small studio at the top of a four-story building in D'Arblay Street, Soho, (next to the iconic 'Blackmarket Records'), plus a few other songs written in that ten-year period which have not been heard until now.

I recently remastered them all, and decided to put them altogether as a release. It sort of honours that time I spent writing and recording these songs - getting the train into London and going up to this little room in Soho on my own.

Incidentally, the reason I was able to record these songs was thanks to a chap named Colin Vearncombe. If you were around in the 80s then you might recall his beautiful song, 'Wonderful Life'. It was in his little studio that I recorded most of these songs.

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